The reading experience is only satisfying when text is uninterrupted by errors. Readers should be convinced by the authority of your words.
Proofreading focuses on spelling, punctuation and grammar. It also corrects typographical errors and omissions to ensure that language is presented correctly and professionally.


Editing includes proofreading and much more. The goal is for the reader to feel immersed in your text, living each moment. I find that subtle changes in word choices or sentence structure can aid this process. Also, there should be no continuity errors or inconsistencies in your use of dialogue, for example, which could make the reader feel disengaged.
Editing improves the flow, style and impact of your text, while always remaining sensitive to your voice. It can be light or intensive depending on the requirements of the piece.


Rewriting improves what you have begun. Through discussion, pinpointing the audience for your work and ascertaining exactly what it is you wish to achieve with your words, I can develop and enhance your text so that it becomes more focused, effective and compelling.
You may want the text to be written from scratch, based on discussions and notes. This is another challenge that I really enjoy.

§ Here are some examples of the kinds of projects I have worked on:

Novels • Short stories Theatre plays • Children’s stories Picture books • Film scripts • Poetry • Comics  Narrative for computer games

Autobiographies  Factual books  Training manuals Policies and protocols Online courses TV subtitles  Websites  Blogs  Marketing literature Dissertations and theses  Personal statements Book reviews  Literary appraisals • Synopses • Blurbs