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‘Who is Fairy Nuff?’ is a humorous picture book for young children and anyone who enjoys rhymes and playing with words.  
Janey’s big brothers seem to be destroying the house with their boisterous antics, but Janey wonders if someone else – possibly a mischievous fairy – could be causing at least some of the damage.  
With lively and charismatic illustrations by Jim Algar, this is a story to be enjoyed by all the family. 

“I just love the book and my little ones are going to adore it. It’s full of energy and pace and the most wonderful, bouncing-along, adult-pleasing and child-appealing words.”

“An irresistible story for children. The play on words and repetition encourage the children to help tell the story. The delightful illustrations keep the children’s attention throughout.”

This story, illustrated by the talented artist Julie Sneeden, explains to young children what has been happening during the recent pandemic in terms they will understand.

It tells the tale of a father trying to entertain his children in a small flat while their mother, a nurse, is working away from home. The story aims to offer information and reassurance to young children. 
The story is dedicated to our wonderful healthcare and key workers and their families.

Star Books UK, who commissioned me to write this story, specialise in dual-language books and this story has been translated into many different languages. I hope it will bring pleasure and comfort to many children.

Published by Turmali Publishing Ltd, these adventure stories are aimed mainly at 8-12 year-olds. This beautifully illustrated volume contains the first five books/stories about Zhou Bao from Shanghai in China.
Bao is one of 12 children from around the globe to be transported to the mystical world of Turmali, where alien invaders are threatening to destroy its way of life. Will these brave children be able to save Turmali and its seven wondrous lands? You’ll have to read the books to find out!
I was the chief writer and editor on the ‘Turmali and the Light Savers’ project. You can find out more about it here:

Renata Souza, from Sao Paulo in Brazil, is another ‘Light Saver’ from Planet Earth – one of 12 courageous children called to the faraway world of Turmali to try to save it from terrifying devastation.
This volume of five illustrated books/stories will appeal mainly to 8-12 year-olds.
As mentioned on the Turmali website (, “The diverse ethnicity of the characters in this series will help to teach children that everyone is equal, irrespective of their colour, race, religion or faith, wealth or poverty.”
Through this extensive series of stories, the ‘Turmali and the Light Savers’ project aims to bring together the children of the world.

Beyond the Glass
Beyond the Glass • Patricia Sumner

“Beyond the Glass” came first in Thynks Publications’ Poetry Pamphlet Competition in 2013. “A delightful collection of poems! Pat paints pictures in words, conjuring up the beauty and colours of the Welsh landscape…” Christine Michael, publisher.

Creativity Through Language
Creativity Through Language: Book 2

A step-by-step approach to non-fictional writing, including lesson plans and guidance for parents and teachers of primary/prep and lower secondary pupils, covering letter writing, biographies, articles and advertisements. Published by Graham Lawler Media and Publishing.

Creativity Through Language - Book 1 - How to Teach Fictional Writing
Creativity Through Language: Book 1

Published by Graham Lawler Media and Publishing, this book provides a step-by-step approach to fictional writing, including lesson plans and guidance for parents and teachers of primary/prep and lower secondary pupils, covering story writing, plays and poems.